Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starbucks and Dogsledding.

I don’t think theses anything better then what I did yesterday!
To start of the day I woke up 7:30 in the Morning that part I didn’t like so much . Got dress with included, under armor, what is called a waffle shirt, wool socks, boots snow pants and a heavy winter coat.
Then we went to starbucks, meant up with my aunts, and had hot coco and a cinnamon roll for breakfast! Then to ShopKo then to Lolo meant some friends at a gas station and road with them up to Lolo pass ski lodge. On the way up you wouldn’t think there’s any snow, but all of sudden there’s just snow like 18inchs of it too.
We unloaded the sled and hooked up all the gear and of course the dogs. Thor, Shy, and Nora and Loki but he just ran beside us.
Then we were off it was amazing. We only got to go about four miles and turned around and switched places and I was riding on the back.
It was so fun and I can’t thank my friend enough for inviting me to come.